Our family cut $218,200 off college costs.

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Prepare for College with Mark Lerner

Any college counselor can tell you where your grades and test scores can get you accepted, and perhaps what your FAFSA financial aid will likely be. Far fewer counselors can creatively guide your search for college scholarships based on your unique college profile and accomplishments.

At Concerning College, we tailor your college planning around you. It’s true that the price of college continues to soar: at the same time, competition for students has never been keener. The key is to discover which colleges will lower their costs just to land you on their campus.

You owe it to yourself and your family. Let’s talk—and see how we can get the best and most economical fit for you.

Options and Opportunities

College choices are difficult to make on so many levels. What to study? Where to go? In state, or out of state? Large school or small one? How much will it cost? Where will the money come from?

While coming to grips with questions such as these can cause anxiety on the home front, careful preparation can make the college journey much less stressful.

And here’s a secret: You are the customer, the buyer of what colleges are selling. The key to getting the best deal possible, to get the right fit for your student at the most favorable price, is to align your strengths as a buyer with what each particular college is looking for in a student.

That’s the trick. Combining what you’re looking for in a college with what the college sees as gaining from your student’s presence on campus holds the key for a successful, most affordable match.

Get in Touch.

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In writing my monthly newspaper column, Concerning College, I’ve interviewed dozens of admissions directors, financial aid counselors, career counselors, recruitment coordinators, athletic coaches, and even housing administrators. I’ve come to see the college game from their perspective, from inside the ivy-covered walls.

While choosing a college isn’t a game of winners and losers, it is about making smarter or poorer choices. Tens of thousands of dollars—your family’s dollars—are at stake where college is concerned. If you think I can help with your family’s concerns, please contact me. Your first consultation is free.